Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Apologies for the large amounts of nothing happening

  Sorry for the large large halt in anything happening here for the last eight months. It really does not feel like that long since my last post but the dates don't lie! I have spent the time organising, packing, finishing things and relocating to Australia. I have been over here about four weeks now and starting to settle in. More or less everything I own is now in transit on a ship somewhere, Im just hoping it makes it here in one piece!

  On the up side when I was tidying things up I rediscovered lots of things :) Amongst this I found the original circuit diagram for running a 12 volt battery up to the kind of voltage and pulses required for creating a very satisfying spark arc when run into a standard car distributor coil.

  Now Im almost on top of all the official paperwork that needed to be done to be here I will collate what I have tried and built for the hydrogen splitting experiments and get that up online. Once my boxes arrive and I have my equipment up and running I will at long last be able to test the modified Tesla turbine.

  One area Im very much looking forward to looking into now Im here is anything to do with the sun. There is quite a bit of it (which makes a nice change!) and it seems so underused as a power source. PV cells are great if you can afford them but the power you get back for the cost is huge. They are also not exactly something you can create yourself in your garage or shed. Im having a think about it, I will let you know what I come up with.

Thats all for now (but still loads more than you have had for ages :)