Tuesday, 3 August 2010

New valve

Bought a new valve tonight which should do the job. I finally settled on a 15mm gas valve from B+Q www.diy.com
It was in the gas fittings section and described as 'gas lever valve 15mm'. It has 15mm compression fittings on both sides so it should easily fit the rest it the setup and its a nice chromed metal design so it should take the presure.
Next step is to plumb it into the compressor fitting on one side and the turbine on the other. Hopefully this should happen either in the evenings this week or next. Im out this weekend and work is really getting in the way the rest of the time!

With any luck testing shouldnt be to far away. I was thinking about it all earlier and if this turbine design doesnt work I might build one as close to the Tesla design that I can and use the same housing. This will mean a slight redesign of the input so that its a nozzle but it will be much quicker than having to rebuild the entire turbine housing. It wouldnt have a power take off but it would be nice to see something spinning :) Then again there are plenty of other projects I want to investigate and so little time :) I am aware I still havent documented the Stan Meyers hydrogen stuff and woodgas turbo stove research I have done. Sorry to all those who visited the site wanting to read these sections. I will get round to it honest! Probably do the woodgas turbo stove first as its the simpler to explain and document.  The hydrogen section is a bit trickier requiring cylinder construction, low voltage electrolysis/electrode design and high voltage work all with circuit diagrams and explanations.

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