Sunday, 11 September 2011

Im Back

So yet again nothing really happening with the blog! Sorry, its been to busy. Not log after getting to Aus I got a job which has ended up chewing lots of time and brain power. All my boxes have now arrived but I cannot get all my things out because there just isn't enough space here.

Whilst I would love to be getting on with creating solutions to things the facts are that like most people I need the money to save and buy a house. I love the idea of an off grid house which will in turn reduce outgoings over time but the reality is you need the money to buy the place first.

In the time until I can get a workshop up and running again I will be trying a few small projects in model form to see if the ideas work. If they do then i will look towards going full size with the best of them later on.

The original idea for this site was to create small power solutions that people could build at home. After lots of thinking whilst that will still be a component of the site Im going to expand it out to cover some other topics that Im interested in such as growing your own food.

After looking at where my life is heading it seems to make sense to start to do everything in my power to reduce outgoings thus allowing the income from the 'regular' job to go towards paying off the land and house purchase. Im assuming some of you are in the same position and so the ideas might help.

Like many I love the idea of off grid but without having the capital free to buy a place outright you would need to produce income whilst living off-grid. This would be in excess of whats possible given that your not doing a regular job. If you are doing a regular job then you usually have to be in commuting distance to the job which then locates you near a city so the land/property prices are higher which in turn means your less likely to be able to be able to buy outright any time soon. Its a great chicken and egg situation really.

Im aiming for the compromise of living a little out the city, working the regular job and taking the loan to buy the place. At the same time I will be looking to reduce costs my growing my own veggies, adding renewable power solutions and possibly even getting some chickens.
Its sort of half gridding it really. Being able to have some of the comforts of a modern life like the large television and fast internet connectivity whilst trying to reduce payouts to the regular every increasing energy and food corporations.

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