Sunday, 11 September 2011

The turbine works

One thing I did manage to get out my huge pile of stacked boxes is the tesla turbine variation I had been working on. It suffered some knocks in transit which resulted in the turbine rotor splitting into two sections. This wasnt a major problem but it did take some time to unseal the turbine housing and get it out.

I then had to go find new glue and sealant which is something I took for granted back in the Uk. As you live in a place for time you get to know where to find hardware you need and take it for granted that you can get it with ease. Over here in a new city and country all the things I need are here I just dont know where to find them!

After glueing the rotor back together and leaving under a pile of books while it dried I put it back in the housing and resealed it. At this point I thought I was ready to test and as I had access to a compressor I thought all systems where go. I was wrong, I wasnt ready in another quirk of UK to AU conversion, I should have realised that the compressor fittings are different over here than they are over in the UK. Some more investigation into the type and where I could get one it was a simple task to unscrew the jubalee clip and fit the new fitting.

Then I was ready :) I got the compressor fired up and waited until I had a full tank before connecting the turbine and slowly opening the valve. It works, the idea works! Its not well balanced, the rotor flaps back and forth quite a bit. Sometimes it needed a little encoragement to start to spin (I didnt want to just open the valve all the way, the pressure would pop the housing) Generally all these things where due to it having a lack of precision in the build but it actually spins. Im confident that if it was built with some engineering tolerences and a output power shaft introduced then rotational power could be extracted.

So due to my current circumstances this project is now shelved. I am having a little think about it from time to time about how best to build the better engineered one but for now the folloing video is about as far as its going to get.

If any of you make one then let me know I would love to see it and I would be happy to link to your site.

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