Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Life and its little delays

Sorry about the wait for the pictures of the test turbine, things have taken a back seat for the last couple of weeks whilst we have been preparing for Glastonbury. What an amazing mind blowing festival that is! I recommend it to anyone whos into any kind of music or just likes a good party :) So tired now, I would advise anyone going to pace themselves a little better than we did ;)

Doing some web wandering and came across the following site :-
Hes creating a mulch powered heating and methane unit using simple easily available parts and feedstock. Its all very cool and I would love to give it a go once I have the space so Im watching it closely.

One thing I did manage to think about was the input side of the turbine. I picked up a straight through 15mm brass compression pipe joint from B+Q (www.diy.com). I should be able to mount that through the side (top) of the turbine using one half of the connector without the olive. The other half can be used to fit the input pipe on using that sides olive with the whole thing being sealed with silicone.

Ok tonight's work is getting the camera operational and getting the pics of the turbine, next post should be them, promise :)

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