Monday, 12 July 2010

Turbine input fitting

I have now drilled out the pilot hole to 20mm using a step drill from halfords :-   cat code 192393
This allows insertion of the 15mm compression pipe connector by removing the olive from one side, putting the thread through the hole in the ABS then putting the nut back on. After tightening up its nice and solid in place :-

From the top
From the underside  (looking up from inside the turbine housing
Next stages are to use the olive still left in the top of the fitting to mount a section of 15mm speedfit. This will allow easy fitting of tubing using off the shelf plumbing parts to plumb it into the compressor or air source. After fitting this tube I will seal round the fitting inside and out with silicone and also fit the turbine into its housing and seal that in. Once the sealant is set the unit will be in a state to test and find out if all of this has been a bit of a road to knowwhere :)

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